Shortly after sunrise at Playa del Inglés – Gran Canaria

I was born in Rheydt-Odenkirchen in 1943, on the 26th of March.

I was raised by my parents in Moenchengladbach, where I also went to school.

At the Stiftisch-Humanistisches Gymnasium (Grammar School) I passed the final examination (i.e. A-levels/qualification for university entrance) to pursue studying philosophy and Latin for teaching profession in Cologne.

After passing the first State examination successfully (Prädikatsexamen, i.e. received the best marks) I became an unsalaried clerk at a hi-fi-video company in Neuss.

After the second State exam I first gave lessons at the Albert-Einstein-Gymnasium in Kaarst and then continued teaching at the Gymnasium Korschenbroich since 1977. There I was appointed senior assistant master in 1978 and – a year later – headmaster (as a senior specialist teacher for coordinating educational tasks).

On June 1st in 1995 I celebrated my 25th anniversary in the teaching profession.

On July 31st in 2005 my so called „Beschäftigungsphase“ (time of active teaching business) finished.

On July 31st in 2007 my „Freistellungsphase“ (transitional period without teaching activity) ended.

Since then I have been in the so called „Ruhephase“ (i.e. being definitely without any professional involvement).

In English by Mr. Dieter Richartz